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No one likes leaving money on the Table or Losing visitors

With SeizeLead Convert website Traffic into hot leads and grow your sales funnel
The tool Actually grew our revenue 3x with the same traffic.

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Customized Widget and features for the NoCode in you!

SeizeLead comes with amazing widget designs and features for all kinds of needs. Just signup, submit your website and add one time code! Done, Promise!

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How does it work?

Create beautiful, high converting widgets

Increase lead conversion rate

Publish your widget within minutes (Fast)

Real-time analytics


Integration or export

Everything you need

Your Goal is our Goal now!

Grow your email list

Get More Phone calls

Get filtered Leads

Create Urgency

Promote Special Offers

Collect feedback

Notify Visitors

Compatible with any CMS or platform

You can use Seizeleads on any CMS or platform. Once you install Seizelead, you can manage all your campaigns from a powerful central dashboard.


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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know coding to use SeizeLead?
No, You don't need to know coding to use SeizeLeads. Signup, put a single javascript code in the footer (only once) and manage everything from your SeizeLead Dashboard.
Will SeizeLead make my website slow?
Again NO! SeizeLead is built by tech experts using the latest technologies keeping performance in mind. Also, we load our script once the whole website is loaded so it doesn't affect the time.
Is it for me?
SeizeLead is built by experts who have scaled traffic to millions of visitors. Using other tools we were able to capture leads but the tools were neither friendly nor provided detailed analytics. So we built this just for you!
Is it Important to use SeizeLead on my website?
No, if you want to lose data of visitors interested in your products or services. Personally we use it on 3 of our other websites and results have been phenomenal with around 200 leads everyday and revenue growth of 3X with the same amount of traffic.
Does it work on Desktop and Mobile?
Yes, SeizeLead works on Both Desktop and Mobile. However we can control where you want it to appear.
How can I make money with the captured data?
You can use the visitors data to sell your products, services, or do affiliate marketing or even stay in touch with your audience.

You will never have to worry about converting Visitors

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