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The GOD mode for your website that converts visitors into leads

With conditional & personalized popups, Seizelead transforms website traffic into leads that convert, big time. Your lead generation game on steroids, period.

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Bring your A-Game to the table with NoCode

With custom popups/widgets and targeted features, Seizelead turns your website into a goldmine of leads. All you need is a Seizelead account, your website and some magic. Abracadabra and done.

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Enough of running after leads. It is time to Seize
Your superpowers, in a nutshell

Create beautiful & visually stunning widgets that convert.

Conversion rate that feels like a dream.

Abracadabra and done. Publishing widgets with Seizelead feels like it. No kidding.

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time & predictive analytics.

Minimise lead bounces with autoresponders that keep your visitors hooked.

Integrate or Export — say hello to a different level of flexibility.

Everything you need

We know you're hooked. We are too. Same Pinch.
Seize Leads Like It's 2006.

Grow your email list with quality leads.

Less Fuss. More Phone calls.

Leads minus the clutter. Filter out the crowd.

Scarcity breeds decisions. Influence decision making with conditional logic.

Special offers that convert into lead magnets. Create on the go!

Create & Collect Feedback & Reviews As You Grow.

Keep your visitors up to date with notifications, offers and updates.

Incompatibility. What's that?

We've built Seizelead keeping your comfort at the left, right & centre. Any CMS, any platform — you name it, we got it.
Just install, understand & retain a God's eye view for all your campaigns. One Dashboard, that's all.


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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know coding to use SeizeLead?
No, You don't need to know coding to use SeizeLeads. Signup, put a single javascript code in the footer (only once) and manage everything from your SeizeLead Dashboard.
Will SeizeLead make my website slow?
Again NO! SeizeLead is built by tech experts using the latest technologies keeping performance in mind. Also, we load our script once the whole website is loaded so it doesn't affect the time.
Is it for me?
SeizeLead is built by experts who have scaled traffic to millions of visitors. Using other tools we were able to capture leads but the tools were neither friendly nor provided detailed analytics. So we built this just for you!
Is it Important to use SeizeLead on my website?
No, if you want to lose data of visitors interested in your products or services. Personally we use it on 3 of our other websites and results have been phenomenal with around 200 leads everyday and revenue growth of 3X with the same amount of traffic.
Does it work on Desktop and Mobile?
Yes, SeizeLead works on Both Desktop and Mobile. However we can control where you want it to appear.
How can I make money with the captured data?
You can use the visitors data to sell your products, services, or do affiliate marketing or even stay in touch with your audience.

Worrying about converting website visitors. Well, that's so 2015 .

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