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10 Lead Magnets That Will Increase Your Email Subscribers

10 Lead Magnets that will increase your Email subscribers

A lead magnet is an online offer for an incentive or free item/service in exchange for contact details. The lead magnet offers a free resource to attract potential customers and works as an effective conversation starter with them. The opt-in-offer can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, webinars, product trials, e-newsletters, free consultations, training videos, and so on. 

However, according to a survey conducted by GetResponse, over 24% of people see good conversions through a video as a lead magnet and almost 23% use written content as lead magnet. Moreover, 12% of B2C marketers claim that monetary incentives as lead magnets provide the highest conversion. However, only 8% of B2B marketers agree with that.

Well, if you want to maximise your email marketing efforts and your conversions, you need the most suitable lead magnet. But first, we need to understand,

How does Lead Magnet Works?

When you simply ask your website visitors for their email addresses, there are very few chances that you are going to even a single email for your email list.

Promising valuable content through your newsletter might get you some subscribers. However, some people get annoyed by newsletters and might not like newsletters promotions on the website.

Then comes the best way, lead magnets.

A lead magnet is anything valuable that you provide in exchange for a visitor's email address. It can include an ebook, an infographic, a report, a free service, a tool, etc.

So, when anyone visits your website, they see that you are providing something valuable in exchange for their email. They provide you with their email address and get the resource you are offering, in return.

A lead magnet is a simple yet highly effective marketing strategy to generate ideal leads and turn them into customers. To get a higher engagement of audiences with your product, you should offer the exact solution to your audiences for taking their email addresses. 

You can personalize your lead magnet by offering relevant resources in your lead magnet according to the page your visitor visits. 

For example, when a person visits the page “How to start a business in Bangalore”, you can offer a “List of Investors in Bangalore with their contacts” in your Lead Magnet. This will increase your chances of acquiring the lead.

What makes a perfect Lead Magnet?

Always keep in mind that a Lead magnet is a marketing tool that generates high-quality leads for your business. A good lead magnet provides:

Valuable to Customers: Offer something valuable that solves their problems in exchange for the email addresses. If your lead magnet solves an actual problem, it will have high perceived value for the customers. They can be counted as ideal customers and later on can be converted into purchasers.

Immediate Solution: Generally, people want a quick solution or instant help that solves their problem immediately. You have to make sure that you deliver your promises that they can download or access immediately.

Effortless Use: Well-designed and comprehensive lead magnet offerings develop trust. However, making your offering more consumable makes it better. Short infographic PDFs are quick and easy to digest while eBooks or lengthy reports are time-consuming and people do not have a long attention span. Also, personalize your lead magnets with specific stuff that adds value to customers’ experiences.

Produce Result: The lead magnet should demonstrate a unique value proposition that can be perceived as highly valuable by your ideal customers. It must produce a quick and actual result that the customers are seeking. The lead magnet content should be aligned with the business goal of maximum opt-ins and sales.

Lead magnets are a widely popular and effective way to increase email subscribers and promote business. We have narrowed down 10 high-value lead magnet ideas to grow your email list and to save the user time, energy, and money.


Modify the existing checklist to create additional value for your prospects. You can create an On-page SEO checklist, numerical steps to follow blog post, or summarize popular blog posts as a checklist and produce it as an upgraded content. According to research, content upgrades can actually increase your blog conversions by about 20% – 30%. Checklists cover every single point and give specific and to-the-point information. Add a link to your website or add a call to action that is directed to the sales page.  The most effective lead magnet is the PDF file because it is easily downloadable and consumed. 

Cheat sheet

A Cheatsheet is a simple and shortcut solution that provides a list of guidelines or the process to solve the problem. Instead of researching a ton of information, the subscribers get a step-by-step process to follow while going through a particular project or action.

High Performing Blog Post

Online educational and informative posts are engaging and a quick way to learn new things. A valuable resource list saves a huge amount of research time. You can turn your best blog posts into an exclusive PDF document and send it to new subscribers in exchange for their sign-up details. Add a checklist, visuals, and additional information to make it more attractive and resourceful. Ensure high ratings of Google analytics and social media sharing of blogs before converting them to PDF files.

Audio Book & Video Series

Generally, people prefer to consume content in audio and video versions. You can cut 10- or 20-minutes clips from your webinar or video tutorial and use it as a perfect lead magnet tool. Or record a new video and break down a topic into definitive lessons and create a comprehensive video series. Send video series lessons to your audiences who have signed up for your email list. Determine the brand name, niche, and target audiences before starting a video series.  Plan and organize a video series in an episodic way to give away to the audiences, over a period of time. Educate your subscribers in an inspiring, entertaining, or encouraging manner.

Downloadable audiobooks are more convenient as you can consume them anywhere, anytime. 


A template is an outline or framework which can be adapted for a new content creation purpose. You simply need to copy, paste and customize a few words. An outline is already designed; only few changes in the text are required as per the context. You can build a unique message into a pre-designed email in a few minutes and send them to respective customers. The Magic Email Template is an effective email template that customizes a few words and sends emails instantly to readers.

Swipe File

A swipe file works as a template library that organizes the collection of outstanding works of marketing tips, blog tips, email templates, and more of marketing and copywriting ideas. For example, The Ultimate Social Media Swipe File, offers a social media swipe file with 72 "copy and paste" headlines that you can simply swipe. Likewise, Pinterest allows users to curate pictures and content for their audiences.  


A coupon works really well to entice and attract website visitors to sign up. Visitors are already interested in the product and coupons offer them a great deal for their email addresses. It provides a targeted email list of the customers who can be pursued through email marketing for purchasing of products. For example, the Society6 coupon code popup immediately displayed as you landed on the website page. It has offered 30% off on the first order and thus generated high-quality leads and boost its sales also.


Webinars have become an ideal format, after the Pandemic, to connect live with your leads and customers. It is a popular way to collaborate with your ideal customers and give them instructions and teach on commonly faced challenges. You can include exclusive discounts or promotional offers to make it more interactive for lead generation purposes. However, it's a big investment of time and most people don't prefer to give 1 hour of time and if they attend the live session, most probably they leave it in few minutes. It increases your email list as people have to subscribe, before accessing the webinar link. 

Depending on your target audience, somewhere it works brilliantly. Webinar works well for Neil Patel for lead generation and he has created a separate webinar registration page.

Likewise, Sleeknote offers webinars regularly and increases its subscriber's list.  




Although eBooks are lengthy to consume, a couple of pages of mini eBooks can work really well. It could work as a guide" or a "tutorial" with more design and layout work. It has high-performing and heavily researched content and some of your subscribers might be interested in knowing the brand in depth. eBook format can be consumed anywhere and people would appreciate getting it free.

Derek Halpern’s eBook got over 5,000 Subscribers from his targeted market.


You can prepare a comprehensive report with industry research, statistics, data and offer valuable and actionable insights about the industry. Repot provides an informative summary of the current state of your business and led users to do their own inspections about the state of an industry. It is the most effective lead magnet template and gains the trust of potential leads. For example, The YouTube Traffic Report pulls together the statistics on YouTube traffic and generates an automatic report.

How to use SeizeLead to make a popup of your Lead Magnet?

SeizeLead can make it easy for you to create a popup that shows your lead magnet offering. To create a pop-up:

  1. Go to SeizeLead and sign in to it.

  2. Go to your Dashboard and click on “All Widgets” on the left bar.

  3. Click on “Add Widget”

  1. Click on “Create a popup”

  2. Name your Campaign, turn on “Make campaign live immediately” and click on “Save & Continue”

  3. Select the type of popup you need

  4. Select the kind of pages you want your Lead magnet popup to show up on and when you want your popup to show up

  5. If you want to receive notifications of your leads, you can turn the notifications on

  6. Now, if you already have setup SeizeLead on your site, you can directly add the widget to the SeizeLead script or can put the popup through the code


The overall goal of a lead magnet is to attract the visitors to subscribe which helps to grow your email list in exchange for something incredibly valuable and actionable to the visitor. Choose the effective lead magnet that is aligned with your business process and guaranteed to grow your email list. SeizeLead can make it way easier to create an attractive popup or banner for your lead magnet. You can signup to SeizeLead here and email shubham@seizelead.com for any query you might have regarding the setup or use.